So what’s it all about? New legislation regarding EN388 testing standards have come into place regarding mechanical protective gloves.
This means that in addition to the 4 performance values marked on every glove ranging from 1-5 for abrasion, cut, tear and puncture, you will also see an additional two, new values.
ISO Cut Resistance
Based on the force required to cut through a sample using a specified cut test machine (i.e., Tomodynamometer) under specified conditions.
ISO13997 Cut Resistance
The first new value ranges from A-F (5th Character) and provides a cut rating under the new ISO 13997 standard. This was introduced to provide a clearer indication of cut resistance if dulling occurs using the traditional coupe test method. If the ISO 13997 is used an X will replace the number where the cut value is traditionally found.
EN Impact Protection
Based on the measured transmission of energy and force when the sample experiences a dropped load. EN Impact Protection The second new marking (Character 6) shows a rating for impact protection and will only ever be denoted by a P (indicating a “Pass”) or will blank. If you need more information or assistance selecting an appropriate glove please give us a call on 01427 810555.